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Issue #03-10 Special
Come 7iveWOW! with us.
(Singapore & Malaysia, wownewsasia.com, 1 January 2010) Its been 7 years but weve been having too much fun to notice, in spite of the sweat and tears, and we have our wonderful clients, suppliers and associates to thank for that.

This year, we are celebrating our birthday by giving our planet a helping hand and going green. A challenging task, especially since our business revolves around the print medium. Which brings us to 7iveWOW! our commitment to waste less, save more and get everyone to do the same.

Weve already initiated the movement with 2000 CNY Eco Bags which we sent out to friends of AdWOW! in Singapore and Malaysia. Little or large, every effort counts. So join our cause and WOW the planet with us, starting with 7 ways to be environmentally friendlier at home and the office.

If you have yet to receive your 7iveWOW! Eco bag, click here.
Use less paper or even better, go paperless.
Instead of driving, walk or cycle over short distances.
Turn off lights & air-con when not in use.
Use energy-saving light bulbs.
Bring your own reusable container for takeaway.
Filter or boil tap water for drinking.
Don’t use plastic bags unnecessarily.
Use less of the air-con.
Go for organic fruits, veggies, meat and dairy over conventional food.
Look up recipes for homemade cleaners on the internet.
End junk mail.
Unplug electronic devices when not using them.
Cultivate a green thumb.
Conserve Water.
We are proud to kick off 7iveWOW!™ with 2,000 ECO bags, which we sent out
as CNY gifts to clients and associates in Singapore and Malaysia.
Also, please be sure to check out those 7 tips to be greener at home and the office.
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