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Issue #16-09
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Achieve 7 Star Efficiency with Philips Master LED
A superb energy saving, cost-effective & reliable lighting solution
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 1 Jul 2009) Philips has launched a new campaign to promote its range of Master LED lamps to cater for the hospitality industry’s high quality and low maintenance requirements.

A direct mail and online acquisition campaign were developed hand-in-hand by Philips & AdWOW! to promote the Master LED series. With 80% less consumption of energy, and 22 times more efficient than ordinary halogen lamps, this series of lamps are produced with the environment-friendly concept in mind, in line with Philips ‘green’ product direction. What’s more? Premium LED candles will be given away exclusively for early bird bookings. So if you happen to miss out this time around, please stay tuned on wownewsasia.com for more exciting news brought to you by Philips while we do our part in the GAIA.

Find out more on this cost-effective and high quality lamp series here while wownewsasia.com continues to bring you more related stories on Philips Master LED.
Jul '09
Exceptional advertising rate for SingPost NDP 09 Supplement – stretching advertisers’ budget to the fullest
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 1 Jul 2009) SingPost’s NDP 09 Supplement has received encouraging response on the ad space since the direct mail was sent out.

The direct mail, with the concept of ‘stretching the advertising dollar’ has captured the attentions of the advertisers. “The response was great that we even increased the number of total pages to fulfill the demand of advertising spaces.” commented marketing manager of SingPost. “Once again the combination of marketing and creative strategy has paid off. Many advertisers seized the advertising opportunity of this highly circulated annual supplement to expand their brand awareness.” she added.

Take a look of how the creative idea has taken the direct mail message further here.
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