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Issue #02-09 Special

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An encouraging start for A.M. Mail
a time-certain & cost-effective delivery service  
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 9 Jan 2009) SingPost opens up a new chapter in their delivery services with the launch of A.M. Mail! With time-certain assurance, this new service will make urgent delivery more efficient, more cost-effective and hassle-free!

"If you want your urgent documents to be delivered the next morning at a fraction of the express courier cost, SingPost has the answer for you in A.M. Mail", Vice President of SingPost Marketing Division commented . "With A.M. Mail, customers can forget worrying about late mails, save on the monthly overheads of in-house dispatch and plan their own convenient time to send their documents", explained Marketing Manager of SingPost Marketing Division. "You may simply drop the envelopes at any SingPost posting box near you and have them sent by 11a.m.* the next working day from only $2.60", she added.

Targeted at both corporate customers and households, especially dedicated to those who require urgent and cost-effective delivery service frequently, A.M. Mail was launched with a series of AdWOW!-created collaterals. Visit any of the post office today and find out more on A.M. Mail!

* Mail must be posted by 7p.m. within C.B.D. (central business district) and 5p.m. outside C.B.D.
Jan '09
Immediate response on the first day of A.M. Mail launch
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 9 Jan 2009) Encouraging updates were received as there was immediate response on A.M. Mail right after the advertisement were published. "We had customers using A.M. Mail on the first day of the launch. It was a very encouraging start!" said Product Manager of SingPost Marketing Division. "A big 'thank you' especially to those customers who have been supporting us continuously and we hope to become an integral support to their business as well as for everyone in their daily lives", Asst Vice President of SingPost Marketing Division mentioned enthusiastically. Do pay a visit to your nearest post office to understand more on A.M. Mail!
Jan '09
SingPost leverages on various mediums for A.M. Mail Exposure
(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 9 Jan 2009) A.M. Mail maximises the impact of various cost-effective and efficient mediums to communicate with its target audiences. "The delivery truck, letterboxes and S.A.M.™ (Self-service Automated Machine) were fully utilised to maximise the brand exposure and remind customers about A.M. Mail's key values - price and time-certain delivery, especially when cost is the key concern at this particular period." Ian Lai from Creative Services, AdWOW! revealed. So stay tuned as we bring you more updates on A.M. Mail!

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