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Enjoy Good Times with YEO’S
YEO’S launches island-wide tactical campaign for its Asian drink series

(Singapore, wownewsasia.com, 19 Sep 2008) Singapore consumers can now “Enjoy Good Times with YEO’S” with the recent launch of its island-wide tactical campaign that rewards consumers in Singapore for making YEO’S their choice over the years in addition to further strengthening its brand reputation. Consumers can now redeem goodies and win attractive prizes such as mobile phones, watches and shopping vouchers.

This tactical campaign came to fruition through YEO’S and AdWOW!’s synergistic collaboration to devise a series of strategic branding exercises aimed at enhancing the brand’s popularity among the younger consumers who are unique with their “on the go” attitude. The campaign kicked off last year with the introduction of new packaging designs for two series of PET bottle drinks that was supported with an aggressive above-the-line thematic campaign. “With a strategic mixture of branding and marketing, the launch of our new PET packaging has not only successfully increased product demand, it has also managed to appeal to more youngsters”, commented the Marketing Team, YHS Singapore.

This time around, the campaign offers attractive prizes and instant redemption which aims to ensure that all consumers continue having a good time with YEO’S. Whether you are in the city or in the suburbs, this tactical campaign has hit all leading supermarkets and sundry stores, waiting to ensure that you continue enjoying your good time with YEO’S!

Go grab your favourite YEO’S drink to start enjoying your rewards now for a good time with YEO’S - the natural taste of life! Click here to check out this promotion now!

(Redeem a FREE cream puff and have a good time with Yeo's.))

“The product demand is higher & also managed to appeal to more youngsters!”
Assistant VP, YEO’S
“The result is due to insightful branding & marketing.”
Marketing Manager, YEO’S
“The re-branding of Asian Drink is a timely move & we managed to pull it off with the help from the YEO’S marketing team”
Creative Director, AdWOW!
“The results are very encouraging as more & more youngsters are into the healthy living trend nowadays.” Creative Group Head, AdWOW!
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