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2008 Special Issue #18-08
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Experience the Power of Direct Mail
Penetrating target markets and realizing maximum ROI is now
possible with SingPost's innovative Direct Mailers
(Singapore, ad-wow.com, Aug 2008) SingPost successfully penetrated target markets and reached target audiences by riding on the new wave of personalized one-to-one marketing campaigns with the timely launch of 2 new and innovative special direct mailers - the DM Rocket and Integrated Mailroom Solutions. These direct mailers managed to acquire new customers and reinforce SingPost's current marketing communications campaign, especially in the highly-competitive B2B market.

The DMrocket was launched to convince business owners of the advantages of direct mailers and SingPost illustrated this by coming up with a novel and unique DM to demonstrate what a unique and interesting DM can achieve for businesses. As such, DMrocket was targeted to business owners, business decision-makers, marketing managers, brand managers and advertisers.

DMrocket chose to employ DMs because it believes that an interesting and unique DM can engage target audiences in a more effective manner due to its non-intrusiveness and high engagement with readers. In addition, it also provides more comprehensive information thereby allowing target audiences to better understand the range of products and services.

On the other hand, the Integrated Mailroom Solutions DM was targeted at business owners, high level management and key decisions-makers in large corporations and MNCs to enquire and meet with SingPost's Integrated Mailroom Solutions consultants to better understand potential customers' businesses better and innovate tailor-made solutions to meet their specific needs. The key objective of the campaign was to sell SIMS services which handles back-end and mundane mailroom tasks while organizations focus on their core businesses.

The SIMS DM proved to be an effective medium because of its powerful visuals and easy to understand explanation on how SIMS can assist companies achieve business growth by focusing on their core business. The success of the DM was evidenced by the increased customer enquiries for consultation SingPost received following the DM's call-to-action.

These successful forays into the effective nature of DMs clearly demonstrate that DMs are a cost effective way to reach target audiences and are definitely the next new wave in aggressive marketing campaigns.
Aug '08
Blast off to a favourable ROI with DMrocket
(Singapore, ad-wow.com, Aug 2008) By focusing on the importance of getting messages across to the right person, the DMrocket creative was developed to show that DM is the way for businesses to deliver messages to targeted audiences in the most effective manner.

An interesting wheel concept that reveals pairs of products/services and their intended audiences engages readers to 'get a feel' of the DM and in the process learn more about DMrocket. The strength of this DM was the simplicity of its messages and clear visuals that provide a potent combination that is both effective and visually-appealling.
Aug '08
SingPost Integrated Mailroom Solutions
(Singapore, ad-wow.com, Aug 2008) Going beyond limits is what the SIMS DM set out to achieve and this was ingeniously translated into its creative that urged businesses to let SIMS handle the mundane back-end mailroom tasks while they focus on their core businesses to realize breakthrough profits.

The unconventional and eye-catching design of the DM which prominently featured an oversized arrow symbolizing phenomenal profits conveyed the message to readers and managed to convince them to contact SIMS consultants for a one-to-one consultation session on how they could enjoy breakthrough profits themselves.
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