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Issue #05-2015 Special
  The New Year festivities are never complete without the tasty range of FairPrice Festive Snacks and Nuts. Whether you like the crunchy nuts, crispy cuttlefish, or the savoury prawn rolls, there is something for everybody. Share the joy with your family and friends today!  

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  The Octagon Box of Assorted Nuts (“Ba Bao He”)
contains peanuts, kidney beans, pistachios, almonds,
chickpeas, green beans and many more which are believed to
have immense significance and symbolism for the family and
household. Do you know the auspicious significance associated with each
item for this Lunar New Year?

Peanuts and beans symbolize long life and are also said to bless families with
babies fast, have many children and grandchildren. The shape of the pistachio
shells that look like a wide open smile signifies overflowing happiness every day
while the almond embodies the coming of even more happiness. On the other
hand, the squid symbolizes the abundance and accumulation of wealth for years
to come. By having and enjoying these auspicious food and delicacies, families
usher the new lunar year with the verdant hope of having a good beginning and
the very best for the year ahead.

Apart from enjoying these delicacies, the lunar new year bears witness to many
symbolic activities which include the annual spring cleaning before the new
year, decorating the home with auspicious Spring Festival couplets,
having the entire family to stay up late or all night on New Year's
Eve (“Shou Sui” ), visiting relatives and friends to celebrate
the festivities until the Lantern Festival.

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